Welcome to my personal site. I am a computer geek and sports lover. I love building distributed systems from tiny embedded chip to the cloud. In free time, I run and swim.

My tools are Linux, Golang, NodeJS, C. In the last few years, I have been working extensively in the area of IoT, communication protocol, real-time system, and web service.

I am working at Veriksystems, help customers bring the next generation of network devices to the market. My main role is architecting and developing the cloud system, working with mobile and firmware teams to deliver end to end solution to our customers.

At Zinno, I led a backend group of three, built backend for Zwave/Zigbee hub and battery-powered camera. We built Alexa and Google Assistant as the voice interface with the system.

Caring about reliable, maintainable software, I always require my projects to be set up with CI, be driven with TDD, BDD process.

You can find my full CV here. Contact me at nqdinh (at) outlook (dot) com.